Kind Of Blue





Volume 46 90 Minutes
Miles Ahead: The Music of Miles Davis / Miles in Montreux (PBS broadcast)  
(WNET/Obenhaus Films; PBS "Great Performances" series)
My Funny Valentine, Stockholm 10/31/67 (opening credits/voiceover; voiceover Dizzy Gillespie from 0:52) (1:01)
Directions, Antibes 7/25/69 (voiceover Herbie Hancock) (0:38)
Unidentified (1973) (voiceover George Benson) (0:42)
Miles Davis interview (0:14)
So What, New York 4/2/59 (voiceover Bill Cosby from 2:29) (3:11)
One Phone Call/Street Scenes, New Orleans 4/25/86 (2:19)
Miles Davis interview (2:02)
Unidentified (1945) (voiceover Dizzy Gillespie from 0:16)
Miles Davis interview (voiceover)
Bird Feathers (1947) (0:45)
Miles Davis interview (voiceover last 0:15 of previous) (1:43)
New Blues, New Orleans 4/25/86 (1:15)
Gil Evans interview (0:14)
Boplicity (voiceover Gil Evans, 0:07-0:20) (0:38)
Miles Davis interview (0:28)
New Rhumba, New York 4/2/59 (voiceover Gil Evans, 0:35-0:58 and 2:16-2:59) (2:53)
Blues for Pablo, New York 4/2/59 (voiceover Miles Davis, 0:21-0:35; Gil Evans, 0:58-1:16)
Time After Time, New Orleans 4/25/86 (1:16)
Robben Ford interview (0:46)
Introduction of the band, Stockholm 10/31/67 (0:14)
Tony Williams interview 0:48)
Miles Davis interview (0:36)
Drum solo from No Blues, Stockholm 10/31/67 (voiceover Miles Davis, 0:24-0:41) (0:41)
'Round Midnight, Stockholm 10/31/67 (voiceover Herbie Hancock, 0:08-0:30; Miles Davis, 1:01-1:44; Wayne Shorter, 1:45-2:20; Tony Williams, 2:29-2:57) (2:57)
Herbie Hancock interview (0:35)
Gingerbread Boy, Stockholm 10/31/67 (voiceover Herbie Hancock, 0:16-0:51, 1:13-1:46) (1:46)
Agitation, Stockholm 10/31/67 (voiceover Herbie Hancock) (0:21)
Footprints, Stockholm 10/31/67 (5:48)
'Round Midnight, Stockholm 10/31/67 (0:18)
Miles Davis interview (over The Theme + applause, Stockholm 10/31/67) (1:12)
Al Jarreau, New Orleans 4/25/86 (2:35)
Keith Jarrett interview 0:36)
Honky Tonk (1971) (voiceover Keith Jarrett) (1:45)
I Thought About You (voiceover Keith Jarrett) (1:22)
Turnaroundphrase, Berlin 11/1/73 (1:08)
Miles Davis in studio (1:20)
It Gets Better (studio 1981) (0:20)
Bill Cosby interview (0:59)
Gil Evans interview (0:19)
Human Nature, New Orleans 4/25/86 (band member credits) (3:12)
Produced by WNET/Thirteen, New York
Funded by The National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Duracell, Inc.
A one-hour documentary devoted to the Quincy Jones' revisiting of the Miles Davis/Gil Evans collaborations of the late 1950s and early 1960s
'Round Midnight (opening credits/backstage)
Stage introduction
Boplicity (M. Davis-G. Evans) [voiceover Randy Brecker; Bill Evans; Quincy Jones; George Duke; Miles Davis]
Herbie Hancock interview
Quincy Jones interview
The Duke (D. Brubeck) [voiceover Quincy Jones]
Blues for Pablo (G. Evans)
Gil Goldstein interview
Quincy Jones interview
Solea (G. Evans) [voiceover Quincy Jones]
Quincy Jones interview
Tutu (M. Miller) [crossfade: concert night/backstage warming up]
Quincy Jones interview
Stage introduction (Claude Nobs)
Introduction of Miles Davis (Quincy Jones)
Boplicity (M. Davis-G. Evans)
Herbie Hancock interview
Maids of Cadiz (L. Delibes)
The Duke (D. Brubeck)
Claude Nobs interview
My Ship (K. Weill-I. Gershwin)
Miles Ahead (M. Davis-G. Evans)
Howard Johnson interview
Gone, Gone, Gone (G. Evans)
Summertime (D. Heyward-G. Gershwin)
Diane Reeves interview
Here Come de Honey Man (D. Heyward-G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
The Pan Piper (G. Evans) [incomplete]
Herbie Hancock interview
Solea (G. Evans)
Quincy Jones interview
Closing stage announcement
Quincy Jones interview
Closing credits